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so yeah peace out shapey still loves you all


-love shapey puppington to every single person that posts no children several times over in the moral orel tag 

just doodling random Queandarian citizens

I think I’m coming to appreciate this weird collage being

I can do it like a brother I can do it like a dude

I just opened photoshop and this was there

okay I lied this is actually Wolf’s final design

bear with me as I elaborate on character building: 

Eli is a teleporter, which means he’s just a regular human except for that he has the ability to teleport. Normally the power would work in that he could just teleport anywhere he wanted to, but there’s a small gear out of place. He can’t control where he teleports. At all. He could teleport to somewhere else at any moment of any day with not so much as a fair warning. Because of this he’s a wanderer, deciding that if he can’t stay with anyone for long, he might as well not stay at all. 

Wolf is a sort of …a reverse werewolf, except he chooses to stay in a human form and is never seen in his wolf one. Originally, his kind worked with teleporters until the two beings branched off, his species staying in the forest while teleporters took on more human areas. The reason these wolves are so renowned is because they can follow a teleporter through the wormhole they open up, or in some cases can even track them and create their own wormholes. Eli accidentally stumbled into one forest, and Wolf met him. Wolf noticed that Eli had a fault in his teleporting, and tried tagging along with him to figure out how to help.

Eli doesn’t really appreciate it though. Who knows why, but probably because Wolf can be kind of overbearing at times.

And yep!

Eli doodles and also Eli and Wolf! (who I just got colors down for)
they’re the best of friends (except not really at all) (Eli kind of hates him) (but he won’t go away so) 

"Maybe we need to stop believing in gods and start believing more in ourselves."

I got a burst of inspiration for drawing Tarrant when I thought about that line, idk. I’m happy I can still draw him.


pone for shapeypuppington (aka pen)!! im workin my way through the list SLOWLY since im still not comfortable with drawing pones 9_6

aaa gosh this is so precious!! ;; thank you for drawing her, this made my morning <3

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superimposition answered: Paxtel… in a rap battle :0

rezllen answered: How about Symphony?

two more I decided to combine since music is relevant to Symphony! She doesn’t have a clue what rap is though, so she would probably just stand there looking confused and then ask Paxtel if he was speaking another language because she can’t understand it. 

(also thanks for all the suggestions guys, I’m really glad people are interested in my ocs (: ) 

acodanies answered: Hadrianus looks really interesting. They all do, actually < u 

q2k answered: Hersch? o:

I decided to combine these two because Hadrianus and Hersch know each other! They’re actually the best of friends and go way back, but I can’t say any more that wouldn’t spoil something.

prince cyprian!!!

it’s been a while since I’ve paid attention to him! I still want to work on trying to write his story sometime.

I want blood guts and chocolate cake, I wanna be a real fake. 

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